Ducati Helmet

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Ducati Helmet

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Peg Perego are famous for their world class ride on toys and now you can get the ultimate accessory to match. If you are worried about potential injuries to your child when using a ride-on or perhaps you just want them to look like a proper motor-racer. They have teamed up with Ducati to create a great looking helmet that offers fantastic protection when riding as well as looking absolutely brilliant.

Authentic Italian design:
- Designed in Italy by Ducati itself, Peg Perego’s Ducati Helmet has been built to the same exacting standards you can expect from any Peg Perego products, and manufactured with materials of the highest quality. 

- The Ducati Helmet’s fixed fixed transparent visor protects eyes from wind and dust and the helmet features an automatic release system that will release in certain stress conditions to prevent injury and strangulation. The interior of the helmet is made from polystyrene with soft fabric padding, designed to offer greater absorption in the case of impact to the head.



  • Age: 2+
  • Size: 55 cm
  • Compliance: Compliance with European Safety Regulations for toys (safety pre-requisite set by the EEC Commission) and with the “U.S. Consumer Toy Safety Specification”
  • Not suitable for use on public roads

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