The Peg Perego Bassinet helps my baby sleep

"I have a new hobby; it’s called watching my baby sleep"

From the moment your little one is born, you will be bombarded with an endless stream of advice and ‘pearls of wisdom’ from friends, family and even absolute strangers. One piece of advice that you will inevitably receive will be Never wake a sleeping baby.’

Sleep is vital for both baby and new parents so it's important to make sure that your little one has a comfortable and cosy place to doze off to dreamland. The perfect solution comes in the form of the Peg Perego Bassinet. 

When you are not carrying your baby around, the bassinet is where your newborn spends most of his or her time. Your baby can travel in it, sleep there for several hours during the day or overnight, and even look out at mum and dad while you move around the house. You will be worry free because you know your baby is comfortable in a safe nest


A bassinet for newborns must be as welcoming and comfortable as the arms of mum or dad, in addition to being very protective, just like our elegant Elite Bassinet. 

At a first glance, the Elite Bassinet is striking for its design and elegance, with fashionable inserts and haute couture finishes. The handle is exclusive as well – built-in and in eco leather, patented by Peg Perego, it offers the ideal grip for manual carrying, and the advantage of lowering and raising the hood with just one hand.

The COMFORT SYSTEM of the Elite Bassinet allows you to adjust the position of the backrest and the leg rest at the same time. In this way your little one will always be in the best position. You can do it by simply rotating the lever on the front to easily raise and lower your little one’s position for added comfort.

And what happens when it is very hot, or very cold? The Culla Elite Bassinet features an All-Seasons system that controls air circulation in the bassinet, so it ensures thermal protection inside during the winter and fresh ventilation in the summer. This means you have everything to ensure sweet dreams in every situation making the Culla Elite Bassinet an ideal place for your little one to sleep in overnight and can be used as a Moses Basket or Co-Sleeper for your little one's first few months. 


The Culla Elite Bassinet continues to impress with its ability to transform from home use to car use. The Elite bassinet is approved for use in cars from birth to 9 kg. Whether your little one is very small or you will be spending longer periods of time in the car, it is recommended for your little one to lay flat during their first few months than to be in the seated position that is offered by car seats. Secure your bassinet in the car with the Bassinet Kit Auto (sold separately) that allows you to harness your little one into the bassinet and secure the bassinet into the back seat of your car. Using the bassinet in the car with the Kit Auto guarantees the highest safety in the case of front and side collisions, with protections for all the sensitive parts of the body.

The Elite Bassinet is made of polypropylene, a rigid, shock-proof material that is also hygienic because it does not absorb humidity. The EPS lining provides ideal thermal and acoustic insulation, making it the ideal space for your little one to travel and sleep in for their first few months. Easily connect the Elite Bassinet onto your Peg Perego stroller and you’ve turned your bassinet into a convenient travel system. With its unique multi-functional features, the Culla Elite Bassinet can function as co-sleeper, car seat and pram for your little one’s first 6 months.

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