Bath Time: A Survival Guide

“Bath time is successful when your kids get wetter than you do”

Bath time can be a daunting experience for any parent but with the help of Bath Time experts OKBaby, we’ve put together a survival guide to making bath time a fun and stress-free experience for the entire family.

Especially if this is your first bundle of joy, we have you covered when it comes to how to bath a baby.

 Some Tips & Tricks for a Happy Baby Bath!

Be Prepared

Ensure that you have everything ready at your fingertips before starting bath time. You don’t want to be running around organising things once baby is in the bathtub

Choose The Right Moment

Your little one will have more fun in the bath if they are not tired or hungry. After a busy day, a bath will help baby relax and sleep better. This rule however does not apply to parents who will most likely feel a lot more tired after bath time. 

Prepare The Room

Make sure the room where you are bathing baby is nice and warm. The room should be at around 24 degrees so that baby does not feel cold when being dried. 

Massage Time

A gentle oil massage is a great way to get baby ready for bath time. Start with baby’s legs and work your way up. Keep going for as long as baby enjoys it but try not to put baby to sleep! 

Pay Attention To The Water Temperature

Let the cold water run first, then add the hot water, checking the temperature with your elbow and using a bath thermometer-  OKBaby Bath Tubs come equipped with a thermometer. The recommended temperature for a baby/newborn bath is around 37 degrees, similar to body temperature. After baby is about a month old, it is perfectly fine to reduce the water temperature by about 1-2 degrees. 

Check The Depth Of The Water

For babies 0-6 months, the depth of the water must not exceed 75mm. Meanwhile for older babies who stay seated on their own, the water must not exceed their waste line. Always stay close to baby during bath time, never leaving your little one unattended during bath time. 

Ready For Bath Time!

Make sure you’ve wiped your little one’s bottom before placing them in the bath- the last thing you want is to bathe baby in dirty bath water. Gradually slide baby into the water starting from the feet, hold baby’s shoulders with your arm and put your fingers under baby’s armpit. This way baby’s head will rest comfortably on your forearm while, with your other hand, you hold baby’s bottom so that they don’t escape your grip. Whether you choose to use a full baby bath tub or bath support, OKBaby's range of ergonomically designed baby bath products ensure that your little one is always in the most comfortable position for bath time.

Lets Wash Up...

Gently rub baby’s shoulders and body with a natural sponge. For the first couple of months, it is recommended to use a hypoallergenic cleansing product that does not need to be rinsed, pouring a small quantity directly into the bathtub. When baby gets a bit older, you can start using a very small quantity of baby wash or soap with a natural PH. Wash baby’s face and then body, leaving feet and private bits for the end. Finally, lather and massage baby’s head gently and carefully. Observe your baby closely while bathing and try to figure out what your little one enjoys most during bath time.

How Long Should A Bath Last?

 Duration of bath time should be a few minutes for newborns and up to 10-15 minutes when baby is older. 

Outside The Water
Pull baby up holding the nape and head in one hand, while with the other hand, hold baby’s bottom, keeping the legs steady with thumb and forefinger. Move carefully- wet babies can be very slippery!
Time To Dry Off!
Wipe baby carefully with the towel, starting from the head and making sure that baby does not feel cold. If the skin is dry, you can apply some baby moisturising lotion and massage it gently into baby’s skin.
And Finally - Don’t Stress!

Bath time can be great for bonding and can be an enjoyable experience for both parents and baby. To ensure the most enjoyable and hassle-free bath experience, shop our OKBaby Bath Time Collection for bath tubs, bath supports, shower hats, bath rings and more.

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