Just like a real John Deere!

Our John Deere ride-on toy collection has a special place in our hearts, and it would seem that many of our customers feel the same way we do. So, what is it about these John Deere replica ride-ons that makes them so special? 

On a recent holiday, close to Harrismith, my family and I were taking the dogs for a walk on a nice dirt track nearby the mountains and farms, when we began to hear a loud noise approaching from the top of the hill. Low and behold, one of these passed us by.


I was amazed, not just because of how large the actual equipment was, but because I had not seen any John Deere tractors before then - and especially not one that size. Up until that point, the only John Deere that I was familiar with was from our Peg Perego John Deere ride-on collection.  It then made me realise why the John Deere ride on toys might be so popular in South Africa. If this type of heavy farming equipment is common in the rural areas of South Africa, there must be farming families out there wanting their young children to have the opportunity of enjoying all that John Deere has to offer. What little adventurer wouldn’t want the chance to drive a John Deere just like dad's!

There is no better way to start the adventure than with our most popular tractor, the John Deere Ground Force. It is an accurate reproduction of the world famous American John Deere tractor. Easily recognisable with its signature green and yellow colours, the Ground Force is a favourite for children who want to play with their ride-ons all day. Its many real life features such as a  working FM Radio, enclosed trailer, gears and sculpted tread wheels provide a realistic experience kids won't forget. No doubt when your children are grown up, they will have fond memories of their John Deere tractor.


I recall a conversation with one of our clients, who was purchasing our John Deere Ground Force for his son. He said he wanted to use his drawn planting tractor to create field harvest lines, and have his son follow next to him, feeding their farm animals from his Ground Force. A father son combo working the farm in tandem together. Creating memories for the family that will last forever.

While we can't compare the real tractors weighing in at over 2000kgs to our 20 kg toy models, our Ground Force can carry an impressive weight of up to 40 kgs with an additional 10 kgs load in its trailer.  Made in Italy, our ride-ons are made of the  highest quality materials  and  workmanship ensuring that our toys are sturdy and work for a long time. They are so reliable and long lasting that they might even give dad’s tractor a run for its money! 


Our John Deere ride-on collection features 3 beautiful replicas on the famous tractors: the Ground Force, the Ground Loader and the Gator. The Gator is a recreation of one of the most famous John Deere Utility Vehicles. It’s known for its off-road performance and work capability. And just like its big brother, our ride on Gator does the exact same thing for kids ages of 3 and up. Equipped as a two seater, the Gator allows memories to be created for two friends or siblings having a good ride together. The Gator can transport  a weight of up to 60kgs with an additional 10kgs capacity in the  built-in tipping box. Our Ground Loader is for those who like to get a bit dirty. For children fascinated by bulldozers, the ground loader is equipped with a large grabber that brings with it the delights of digging, scooping and discarding dirt and leaves.


Peg Perego has been manufacturing ride-on toys for over 30 years and none have ever been more popular than the John Deere range. There is something special about these John Deere ride-ons and we know that they will hold that same special place in your little one’s heart as they do in ours.

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